Equatorial Kenya is a year-round travel destination with air-temperatures rarely dipping below 30 degrees at the Coast. The beaches at Diani and Watamu are protected by the coral reef - flat water lagoons and wave breaks a short paddle off-shore.

Kenya offers an equal share of rights and lefts. Best to go with a local surf school as reefs are very shallow at low tide and access can be tricky.

The big-wave season is June-September, during the “Kuzi” southerly monsoon. Expect chest to overhead, often bigger. This is also a windy time of year so is particularly well suited to kitesurfers / windsurfers who want to SUP in the mornings. December-February is the northerly “Kaskazi” monsoon – again expect to rise early for SUP as the wind picks up mid-morning (20-26 knots). Traditional wave size is 3-6 foot; passing cyclones can send larger swell.

The shoulder seasons (March-April and October-November) are usually still and better suited for flat-water paddling, with occasional swells. Most resorts are closed in May.