Arrival and preparation in Shela

Arrival and preparation in Shela

The whole team finally got together on the 3rd of January in Lamu. A number of the guys had spent New Year in Shela, Boris and Justin drove up from Che Shale, which took them 4 hours, Craig and Nic were scheduled to fly up on Jambojet, but given their recent track record of delays and re-routing, decided to join Rossano for the voyage up from Kilifi to Lamu onboard Katisa, which took nearly 10 hours, due to rough seas and strong Kaskazi headwind for which kicked in when crossing Formosa Bay.

The team have spent the last couple of days enjoying the sights, sounds and flavours of Shela, a delight for any traveller, and an ecclectic mix of characters and culture. The time has also been well spent getting familiar with kit, and preparing for the expedition.

The team went on a downwinder from Shela to Kizingo on the 3rd, and learnt some useful lessons whilst also testing various safety protocols, riding formations, water resuces etc.

It's day 1 today, all the team are busy getting everything together, packing the boat, and finalising plans for the first leg which is from Lamu to Kipini, will be posting more as and when time and internet connection allows.

As always, thanks to everyone who is making this expedition possible, and a huge asante sana from the team to everyone who has donated to the charities.

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