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Training for EABR's Lamu to Zanzibar expedition suffered a setback over the weekend as 2 of the riders suffered broken hands.

Firstly Craig Rogers broke his hand playing 'rugby'* in what on-lookers described as a "horrific and eye-watering tackle".

eabr justin expedition preparationIn a separate and unconnected incident, veteran kitesurfer Justin Aniere broke a fingernail sanding the deck of his sailing dhow, Sawa Sawa.

EABR Health and Safety Officer, Marc K Rogers, commented: "these two incidents highlight the importance of refraining from dangerous activities and staying in top physical fitness for the expedition. We wish both of them a swift recovery"

Craig's wife, Jenny, was unavailable for comment.

*Editors Note: 'rugby' refers to a casual game of touch in the park, no girls were hurt in the same game.

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