Marine Conservation Education

Fundraising for Education and Conservation

Marine Conservation Education

With only two months to go, excitement is building among the Lamu to Zanzibar 2017 team. Planning and logistics are being finalised, and training is going well.

As much as the team are looking forward to the challenge of kiting and windsurfing hundreds of kilometres along the coast, the cause for the expedition remains a priority. The team hope to raise awareness and funds to support Marine Education Programmes being run by two Kenyan charities, Local Ocean Trust and the African Billfish Foundation.

The Conservation Education Programmes welcomes local, national and international schools and Universities.

Thirty local schools are currently taking part in the Conservation Education programme. LOT offer children the opportunity to learn about the importance and benefits of protecting their local marine environments and all its inhabitants. They believe that an effective education programme combined with the incentive for the next generation to 'Love Their Local Ocean' could make a dramatic positive impact on the future of the marine environment.

The Lamu to Zanzibar team have spent much time on the East African coast, and realise the value of education for less privileged children, and the opportunities it provides to the children who participate in these programmes.

Donations to this cause allow the charities to continue their programmes, and endeavour to involve more school children. If you would like to support these charities in their marine education programmes, please consider donating via our JustGiving page, or just help us raise awareness of these programmes through your social network. 


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