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Windsurf Safari, Kenya - magazine article and video 2012

Boards Windsurfing Magazine

Tricktionary logo'Mr. Tricktionary Michael Rossmeir (Rossi) and Canadian pro freestyler Phil Soltysiak had one goal this winter: get right off the beaten path and sail waters where few windsurfers had been before. This wasn’t easy to find during the winter months, but, after many long nights of discussions in Tarifa (these boys have it tough), they came up with their destination: Kenya on the East coast of Africa, south of Somalia and north of Tanzania.

They had a plan: Week One, explore beaches south of Mombasa: Week Two, explore beaches north of Mombasa; and Week Three go on Safari. Sounds good? Here’s what happened.'

Boards Windsurfing MagaziNE, 2012

The video below gives a great insight into a windsurfing holiday in Kenya, from Diani in the South Coast, through to Watamu and Che Shale in the North Coast, and finished off by a safari into Kenya's largest and wildest National Park, Tsavo. 

Credits:  Phil Soltysiak and Michael "Rossi" Rossmeier



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